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Tips for getting your P’s on your first go — Victoria


Tips for getting your P’s on your first go — Victoria

So you’ve passed your hazard perception test and you’re well on your way to logging 120 hours of driving experience. You’re feeling more confident on the road and you’re eager to finally have the freedom to pick up your car keys and drive wherever a full tank can take you. There’s just one thing left to do — pass your driving test.

It can be a little daunting going for your test, so we asked the experienced driving instructors at My Instructor Driving School to give some tips and highlight some of the common mistakes people make to help you increase your chances of obtaining your P1 licence on your first try.


Your mirrors can be your best friend.

The VicRoads driving test lasts around 30 minutes and during your test, your Testing Officer will give simple instructions and will mark you on how well you follow directions, but that doesn’t mean your Testing Officer will remind you of the road rules. A common mistake people make is forgetting to periodically look at their mirrors. Checking your side and rear-view mirrors frequently shows that you are looking out for potential hazards on the road and will ensure you don’t lose marks needlessly.


Watch out for traffic lights and signs

It may seem a little obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people fail their test simply because they missed a sign or accidentally went through a red light. You must always come to a complete stop at a stop sign, even if there is no one to give way to. A good tip is to count to 3 in your head once you’ve come to a complete stop before continuing to drive — and don’t forget that failing to come to a complete stop could lead to your test being terminated on the spot. You should also always be ready to stop when passing through a red light — and remember, amber lights mean slow down and prepare to stop, so as tempting as it might be, don’t try to beat the lights during your test!


Turning right at an intersection is tricky, so take a deep breath and pay attention

There are three common mistakes to watch out for when performing a right turn at an intersection according to the instructors at My Instructor Driving School:

          1. Failing to give way to oncoming traffic

It is important that you wait for all oncoming traffic to pass before you turn right at an intersection, as the law states it is your obligation to give way.

         2. Failing to interpret the traffic lights.

Many people jump the gun and start to turn as soon as the light turns green, but remember that if you have a green arrow you’re good to go, but if you have a green light with no arrow, you have to give way to oncoming traffic before turning.

         3. Failing to give way to pedestrians

Drivers must give way to any pedestrians at (or near) a road they are turning onto at an intersection, so keep an eye out and take your time.


Book lessons with a Qualified Driving Instructor before you go for your test

There is a lot to learn before booking your driving test, and an experienced driving instructor can help guide you on what the VicRoads Testing Officers are looking out for. An experienced instructor can take you through the most common testing routes around your area to help you familiarise yourself with the roads you’ll likely be tested on and they can point out any mistakes you might already be doing that you are not aware of.

Driving lessons will teach you everything you need to know to avoid losing marks unnecessarily by teaching you vital skills such as how to properly negotiate a roundabout, the proper procedure for reverse parallel parking and how to perform a three-point turn (including what checks to perform and how to avoid hitting the kerb).

If you are looking for a driving instructor, feel free to get in touch with My Instructor Driving school. You can call us on 0422 831 025 for more information or to discuss our packages, or click here to book a lesson now. All of our drivers are Keys2drive accredited driving instructors, so if it’s your first lesson with us, you may be eligible for a free lesson. Visit the Keys2drive website for more information.